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  • We’ve established that it’s humans who shove jobs formerly performed by you, me, our friends and many strangers over the professional precipice and into the gaping, ever-expanding maw of automation. The bots are […]

  • I’m a FlipBoard junkie. Some folks are hooked on Candy Crush, some on Pokemon Go (or another flavor-of-the-month app that promotes one walking into traffic) – but for me, whenever there’s a free moment I’m fev […]

    • I, too, am a fan of FlipBoard! I started using it as a source for inspiration when I was creating content (the instructional design piece) for professional and personal development. As I consider the work we are doing on Remaining Relevant in the Age of Automation, I am balancing getting deeper into a position of a post rather than taking it at face value.

      For example, I am following what is going on with Davos 2019. There was a piece about the future of journalism and how digital media has enabled the spread of disinformation to undermine professional journalism, particularly where politics was concerned. What made me take pause is the assertion that journalism is losing the ‘attention battle’ to digital media. I realize that I fall into that push-me-pull-me with my attention. My habit is to read the headlines and skim for important information or a concept that intrigues. My value is really to align myself with the 17% of the people of identify who themselves as ‘new lovers’ and read an article with an open mind with an intention to learn.

    • Love your mindset in terms of how you regard posts … especially reading an article with an open mind and an intention to learn! I, too, try to do that and be as objective as possible. I once read that Thomas Jefferson said that if you can only buy one newspaper, buy one that espouses positions with which you don’t agree … otherwise you’re not learning anything new.

      Past life, I studied to be a journalist. Thought I was going to be “Fletch”. I think back to all I studied about journalism (print, radio, television) in the 80s & 90s and am rocked back by how greatly everything has changed. The weaponizing of information has always been a thing, but now it can be done by anyone and reach almost everyone. Staggering. In the age of digital manipulation and beyond-ubiquitious digital delivery, who knows what can be believed? Can you believe your eyes … your ears … the traditional ‘bastions of truth’?

      Gonna land on “nope”.

      On the attention front, I hear you. My challenge with FlipBoard is the tendency to flip/archive/curate with every intention of reading an article … but I don’t double back to dive in. This is not universally true, of course, but it happens often enough for me to get irked with myself.

    • Thanks, Evans! More food for thought.

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