FastFulcrum: Leveraging Intelligence (Course IV)

The ability to discern the interconnected nature of the world, identify and weigh the risks present therein and understand the interplay of the various elements & players is critical to survival in the age of Automation. Leveraging Intelligence will teach: Risk Intelligence ~ Learn to identify and assess the weight of short, mid and long term risks affecting your terrain. Learn how to best address those risks. Systems Thinking ~ Be conditioned to see how elements comprise systems, and further see how systems intertwine and interrelate with other systems. Game Theory (Math Free) ~ Understand the various players associated with a given engagement and best determine how to interact with those players in order to drive toward an optimal outcome.

Evans Mehew · March 17, 2016

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Evans Mehew

Evans Mehew is the founder of FastFulcrum. Evans has over 22 years’ professional experience in technology and global business in areas including business analysis, competitive intelligence, information security and Research & Development. Evans is an inventor on six granted patents to date (with an additional three pending) and served as an adjunct professor in graduate & undergraduate programs for over 16 years. Classes taught include: Digital Age; Risk Management; Competitive Intelligence; Competitive Analysis; International Peace & Security; Principles of Environmental Scanning; Science, Technology & Markets; Scientific Method and Disruptive Technologies. Contact Evans at:

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