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The Age Of Automation Is Coming ... Are You Ready to Remain Relevant?

FastFulcrum Courses deliver contextual, actionable, Big Picture awareness of the professional world at large as affected by Automation.

FastFulcrum Courses teach the student how to see the broad marketplace terrain and quickly pivot to better survive professionally.

FastFulcrum Courses convey skills such as competitive intelligence, contextual/strategic thinking, risk management, creativity, and a great deal more.

“The program reminds me of master’s programs where you get to evaluate a topic or concept from several different angles in order to gain a deep understanding of it.” ~ Valerie H., FastFulcrum student

“If you find yourself “stuck” in your life’s journey and want a path to move you confidently forward to a more fulfilling future (be it in your career or your personal life), I would strongly recommend taking the FastFulcrum coursework.  The course work cultivates introspection and awareness to remove fear and replace it with confidence.  You will learn to approach life with a new way of thinking and inquiry that opens your mind to creating possibilities and solutions where none existed before.” ~ Denise S.; FastFulcrum student

FastFulcrum: The Curriculum (So Far …) 

Here we are, arrived in the Age of Automation. What is the Age of Automation? It’s an era in which many tasks that were formerly considered to be the exclusive domain of human expertise can now be automated – performed by algorithms & robots.

What is the potential impact to workers? It can be very broad (affecting all industries) and very deep (affecting millions of workers across all types of jobs). In the interests of controlling costs and providing ongoing value to customers & shareholders, many companies will adopt an automation strategy that will affect their current workforce – to do otherwise would mean failure when going up against competitors who have adopted a cost-reducing, improved-efficiency automation strategy.

The specifics of this strategy and its effects will vary from instance to instance, but it is highly probable that automation will assume a large swath of tasks/activities cutting across multiple positions, causing the affected organizations to be restructured. Some will lose out entirely during such a reshuffling, while others who remain may see an adjustment in compensation. How can one take steps to minimize personal, professional impact if and when this happens?

By Remaining Relevant.

What does “Remaining Relevant” mean?  It means adapting to the current environment by being aware of what that environment demands and developing one’s skills, insights and capabilities to meet the challenges that arise.  It means being able to constantly scan the changing horizon and then adjusting one’s evolutionary arc to be able to contend with newly emerging variables. The intention of the FastFulcrum curriculum is to deliver vital, substrate skills that will enable the student to continuously adapt, evolve and provide value in the Age of Automation. 

Remain Relevant (Course I)

Remain Relevant provides the participant with new perspectives, both looking inward and outward.  This is achieved via the innovative mashup of the Japanese practice of Ikigai with competitive intelligence methodologies of SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) & PEST (Political, Economic, Social & Technological).  Through copious and comprehensive reflective questions, the student will define the experiential inventory and value set with which they have to work, then in turn be capable of scanning the immediate and distant terrain to determine how the world is shifting and how best to apply their abilities & aptitudes.

What You Get:

  • Exposure to and application of FastFulcrum’s innovative methodology leveraging the interplay between Ikigai, SWOT & PEST
  • 35 micro-lectures covering Terrain, Tools & Tribe
  • Over 200 Reflective Questions

Substrate Skills Conveyed:

  • Dynamic, practical, lifelong skills
    • Ability to deeply gauge assets to determine best abilities & aptitudes
    • Ability to determine areas of most efficient skillset development
    • Ability to assess market Terrain to best determine where to maneuver quickly
    • Ability to identify, assess and provide value to one’s Tribe(s)
  • Contextual, strategic, continuous perspective of the Age of Automation

Resource Used:

Workbook/Reflective Questions

Developing Contextual Skillsets (Course II)

Remaining relevant in the Age of Automation will require myriad skills & abilities, coupled with radical new perspectives. Developing Contextual Skillsets profoundly changes and expands one’s worldview, moving away from the siloed, industrial model of specialization (which is easier to automate) and toward a generalized, multidisciplinary practical approach toward personal evolution.

Substrate Skills Conveyed:

  • New attitudes & perspectives with regard to learning
  • A capability to perceive, grasp and work with seemingly disparate concepts
  • Knowledge of today’s and tomorrow’s work, opportunities and the requisite skills

What You Get:

  • 15 video lectures covering the associated reading and interconnecting concepts
  • Over 200 Reflective Questions

Texts used:

  • The Medici Effect, by Frans Johansson
  • Secrets of a Buccaneer Scholar, by James Marcus Bach
  • Metaskills, by Marty Neumeier

Additional Resource Used:

Workbook/Reflective Questions

Cultivating Curiosity (Course III)

Curiosity is far more than something that meanders into our field of attention from time to time … rather, it is a critical skill essential to survival in the Age of Automation. Curiosity can be honed, habitually crafted and leveraged to your advantage. In order to take on new abilities and explore advantageous avenues of development, one must first be curious about the elements comprising these things. Cultivating Curiosity helps the student to become aware of and to cultivate these abilities so that they may remain relevant in the Age of Automation.

What You Get:

  • 15 video lectures covering the associated reading and interconnecting concepts
  • Over 200 Reflective Questions

Substrate Skills Conveyed:

  • Learning to dissect the elements & nuances of curiosity
  • Discernment of what things are most advantageous to apply curiosity in light of one’s values and other skills
  • How to develop curiosity and the application of its principles as a life skill

Texts used:

  • Curious by Ian Leslie
  • Why? What Makes Us Curious by Mario Livio
  • The Opposable Mind by Roger L. Martin

Additional Resource Used:

Workbook/Reflective Questions

Join the Remain Relevant Revolution … begin by taking Remain Relevant, then proceed onward through the remaining curriculum and watch your new skills & perspectives unfold and your evolutionary arc accelerate!


Featured Instructor/Founder of FastFulcrum

Evans Mehew

Seasoned educator, strategic assembler, inventor, technologist.

Contact at:; 303.875.5005

“Remain Relevant helped me to become aware and learn more about Artificial Intelligence and automation and the effects this technology will have on lives in the near future. Being able to learn the Ikigai and SWOT\PEST tools allowed me to understand existing skills I currently possess but will allow for new strengths to be developed while expanding my professional and personal profile.  The instructor is great at including other material and topics outside of the weekly curriculum that are beneficial to developing a better knowledge base of the tools and questions within the syllabus.” ~ Robert B., FastFulcrum student

“Remaining Relevant has been a game-changer for me both personally and professionally. I now have tools that have guided me to understand more of what I want to do, what I can do, and what I can learn to do. Adapting to changes in our workforce was a struggle for me, but now I can see how to pivot my thinking and learning. Evans is a phenomenal facilitator! He is engaging and is truly passionate about sharing his knowledge to help you. He encourages interaction and is always thoughtful about your own individual journey. I would highly recommend Evans’ courses for anyone who has a desire to learn and grow in this changing world.” ~ Vicky V., FastFulcrum student

“One of the many things I enjoy about Evans and his course is how he challenges you to think beyond the surface.  His diverse background, broad knowledge and eclectic insights support his style of investigative inquiry.  After every session, I come away inspired with a fresh perspective.” ~ Nancy W., FastFulcrum student

“I’m using the roll out of a new product in my work area to embrace that knowledge and to have that information to use as a new skill going forward.” Bianca B., FastFulcrum student

“Evans Mehew is a leading mind in the Robotic Age.  His foresight and guidance to his students changes their lives. This training opened my eyes to my value from all my education.  I am more open to opportunities in my life after only two of the seven class program.  I have gained confidence. I was confident before, this confidence is more than just the certifications I hold, it is real value.  It is the value I feel in myself.  This perspective is critical for being ready to compete in the Robotic Age.” ~ Cathy C., FastFulcrum student

“I … wanted to say thank you for being a part of your Remaining Relevant course. Seems fortuitous given the topics but I’ve been offered an internal role to move out of my audit team and have accepted … I attribute your class with helping me to be open minded, think of my skills in new ways and give myself credit for my life experiences – thank you!” ~ Taresa D., FastFulcrum student

“Evans has a unique, spirited, humorous, guru-like, thoughtful and incredibly effective way of sharing insights, synthesizing complex material and ensuring that those in his classroom truly learn. What I’ve always loved most about Evans’ classes is that I find myself thinking not only about what he says, but having new thoughts of my own as a result of the dialogue that he generates. As an instructor myself, and life-long learner – I have very high expectations of professors and teachers. Evans exceeds those expectations every time.” ~ Debbie S., former student

“Evans is hands down one of the best professors I’ve ever had. I took multiple classes with him online through the University of Denver and he made them truly enjoyable. Online learning can be difficult, especially as a working professional, but Evans made our classes engaging and informative while not being overwhelming. He was so incredibly patient, detail oriented, and treated everyone with tremendous respect and understanding. Plus his humor made class dialogues flow so easily! I truly hope our paths cross again in the future and highly recommend him as an educator.” ~ Stephanie S., former student

“I had the good fortune of having Evans as both a professor and academic advisor during my graduate studies at the University of Denver. Evans has an amazing way of engaging his students in relevant and timely discussions, which greatly benefited my career and business relationships. In a good way, I realized how much I didn’t know about the world, and Evans challenged me to never stop growing.” ~ Jon T., former student

“I went back to college in 2006 after 30 year absence in the classroom, and was fortunate to have Evans Mehew as my first professor at the University of Denver. I not only had him for one class, I was lucky enough to have him for two of the classes needed to finish my degree. Evans made the transition back to college interesting, engaging, and exciting. He is very knowledgeable and experienced on the subject matter, both classes dealt with leadership and organizational studies. His class lectures and discussions were fascinating as he brought a wide range of experiences to each class. He also recognized the diverse experience of each of the students in the classes, from new students to myself, and valued each student’s contribution to the discussion and class as a whole. The class discussions would be so interesting and engaging, we would be surprised the class period had passed so quickly. I would highly recommend taking classes offered by Evans, as you will learn greatly from this wonderful teacher and person.” ~ Jan W., former student

“Evans is an outstanding educator. I have had the fortunate opportunity to be his student in multiple courses during my later-life undergraduate degree completion program at the University of Denver. His highly effective communication style advanced and embedded my learning. Evans challenges students’ perspectives and assumptions to expand and evolve our worldviews and engage in broader topics beyond our comfort zones and degree fields. His inexhaustible energy level and vast knowledge base serve any learning environment as such an invaluable asset that his contribution cannot be overstated. I would unquestionably take any course on any subject he would ever teach.” ~ Tina C., former student

“Evans was one of my professors at University of Denver who I learned so much from … I took three classes with him. To say he is the consummate professional is an understatement, and as a teacher/professor, unmatched. Evans projects, and lives, the life of a leader and strategist, encouraging others around him to step up and share the team leadership, contribute to the success of the organization, and exemplifies what the highest quality professionalism should be measured by. I unquestionably endorse Evans for whatever endeavor he undertakes. If you are lucky enough to have him in your organization, you’ve got a rare jewel as measured by today’s business standards!” ~ Tim M., former student

“Evans was my professor at DU during my CIS graduate program and by coincidence also a co-worker at Western Union. His classes managed to convey a great deal of knowledge both through ordinary assignments as well as group discussion and free form learning. I’ve never met anyone who recommended that many books before, so if you want to “learn more about the subject” he is the man to take a class from.
All in all, an awesome professor and someone I gladly work alongside with as well.” ~ Immanuel B., former student & co-worker

“Evans was truly one of the shining spots at the University of Denver. His real world experience helped to create classes that were thought provoking, entertaining, and enlightening.” ~ Robert L., former student

“Professor Mehew was truly a favorite professor of mine at the University of Denver – his wisdom and engagement with students in class could not be mistaken as anything other than a true passion for the industry he works in and with those he interacts. His stories and humor created a highly interactive class making the educational piece a breeze.  I highly regard and commend him, whether as a professor, collaborator, and/or mentor.” ~ Broquelle A.